Tutlayt taspenyult : Tameẓla gar ileqman

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m (Sami At Ferḥat yebeddel isem n usebtar seg Tutlayt Taspenyult ar Tutlayt taspenyult)
{{Infobox language
| altname = Castilian
| name = Taspenyult
| ethnicity = [[Spaniards]], [[Hispanic]]s, and [[Latino]]s
| nativename = Español<br />''Ispanyol''
| nativename = {{lang|es|español}} <br /> {{lang|es|castellano}}
| pronunciation = espaˈɲol, kasteˈʎano
| states = [[Spanya]], [[Timura n Marikan Talatint]]
| region = [[Spain]], [[Hispanic America]], [[Equatorial Guinea]] <small>(see [[#Geographical distribution|below]])</small>
| speakers = {{sigfig|420|2}} n yimelyan
| speakers = 480 n yimelyan n at tutlayt tayemmat
| date = 2011–2016<!--reporting dates of the data-->
| date = 2018
| ref = <ref name=e21>{{cite web|title=Arabic – Ethnologue|url=//www.ethnologue.com/language/ara|website=Ethnologue|publisher=Simons, Gary F. and Charles D. Fennig (eds.). 2018. Ethnologue: Languages of the World, 21st edition|accessdate=21 February 2018|archive-url=https://web.archive.org/web/20160105171142/https://www.ethnologue.com/language/ara|archive-date=5 January 2016|dead-url=no|df=dmy-all}}</ref>
| ref = <ref name=viva18>{{cite report |title=El español: una lengua viva – Informe 2018 |url=https://cvc.cervantes.es/lengua/espanol_lengua_viva/pdf/espanol_lengua_viva_2018.pdf |publisher=[[Instituto Cervantes]] |date=2018}}</ref>
| familycolor = Afro-Asiatic
| speakers2 = 75 million [[second language|L2 speakers]] and speakers with limited capacity (2018) + 22 million students <ref name=viva18/>
| fam2 = [[Tutlayin tiṛumanseyyin|Taṛumansit]]
| familycolor = AfroIndo-AsiaticEuropean
| fam3 =
| fam2 = [[Italic languages|Italic]]
| fam4 =
| fam2fam3 = [[Tutlayin tiṛumanseyyin|Taṛumansit]]
| fam4 = [[Tutlayin tiṛumanseyyin tiɣerbiyin|Taṛumansit taɣerbit]]
| fam5 = [[Iberian Romance languages|Ibero-Romance]]
| fam6 = [[West Iberian languages|West-Iberian]]
| fam7 = [[Castilian languages]]
| ancestor = [[Old Spanish language|Old Spanish]]
| script = [[Latin script|Latin]] ([[Spanish orthography|Spanish alphabet]])<br />[[Spanish Braille]]
| nation = {{Collapsible list | titlestyle = font-weight:normal; background:transparent; text-align:left; | title = [[List of countries where Spanish is an official language|21 n tmura]]|
|{{flag|Costa Rica}}
|{{flag|Dominican Republic}}
|{{flag|El Salvador}}
|{{flag|Equatorial Guinea}}
|{{flag|Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic}} (partly recognized state).
<br />{{Collapsible list |titlestyle=font-weight:normal; background:transparent; text-align:left;|title=[[List of countries where Spanish is an official language|Dependent entity]]|
|{{flag|Puerto Rico}}
<!-- This list is intended for dependent territories that do not form an integral part of a country (such as Puerto Rico), as well as integral parts of nations that are not traditionally considered Spanish-speaking. Adding Ceuta and Melilla will result in deletion as they are integral parts of Spain. This also applies to Chile and the case of Easter Island. -->
<br />{{Collapsible list |titlestyle=font-weight:normal; background:transparent; text-align:left;|title=[[List of countries where Spanish is an official language|Significant minority]]|
|{{flag|United States}}
|{{flag|Philippines}} (optional auxiliary language)
<br />{{Collapsible list |titlestyle=font-weight:normal; background:transparent; text-align:left;| title = [[List of countries where Spanish is an official language#International organizations where Spanish is official|International<br />organizations]]|
| {{flag|African Union}}
|[[File:Bandera CELAC.png|25px]] [[Community of Latin American and Caribbean States|CELAC]]
|{{flag|European Union}}
|[[File:ALADI.jpg|25px]] [[Latin American Integration Association|ALADI]]
|[[File:Bandera Parlamento Latinoamericano.jpg|25px]] [[Latin American Parliament]]
|[[File:OSCE logo.svg|30px]] [[Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe|OSCE]]
|{{flag|Organization of American States}}
|{{flag|United Nations}}
|{{flag|Union of South American Nations}}
|[[Organization of Ibero-American States]]
| agency = [[Association of Spanish Language Academies]]<br /><small>({{lang|es|[[Real Academia Española]]}} and 22 other national Spanish language academies)</small>
| iso1 = es
| iso2 = espspa
| iso3 = espspa
| lingua = 1251-AACAAA-b
| map =
| mapcaption =
| notice = IPA
| sign = [[Signed Spanish]] (Spain, Mexico and presumably elsewhere)
| glotto = stan1288
| glottorefname = Spanish
| map = Hispanophone global world map language 2.svg
| mapcaption = {{legend|#001E60|Spanish as official language}}
{{legend|#004F96|Unofficial, but spoken by more than 25% of the population}}
{{legend|#0086D8|Unofficial, but spoken by 10-20% of the population}}
{{legend|#78C0FF|Unofficial, but spoken by 5-9% of the population}}
{{legend|#B8E1FF|Spanish-based creole languages spoken}}
'''Taspenyult''' (Es: Lengua Española) neɣ ''' d [[tutlayt]] i ttmeslayen lmaḍ.
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