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Hi Brihmat. I am trying to get all the directions of the compass. (See e.g. [[:nl:wikt:Sjabloon:windrichtingen-eng]]) and have tried to make one for Kabyle [[:nl:wikt:Sjabloon:Windstreken-kab]] but I am not sure it is correct, e.g. the symbols are really my 'invention' and I have no idea what the subminors like north-northeast should be like. Could you help me with that? [[Amseqdac:Jcwf|Jcwf]] 04:54, 17 Furar 2009 (UTC)
== [[translatewiki:|]] ==
Hey. Haven't seen you - or anyone else from this wiki - at [[translatewiki:|]] in a long while. I do hope you will be giving your localisation some tender, love and care really soon. Cheers! [[Amseqdac:Siebrand|Siebrand]] 23:03, 2 Ctember 2009 (UTC)